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A Downton Abbey MOVIE Could Be Happening REALLY Soon!

Downton Abbey may not be finished... just yet!

In news that would make anyone clutch their pearls, it seems a Downton movie could be happening... wait for it... THIS YEAR!

Jeremy Swift who played Septimus Spratt in the hit series revealed that a film could possibly be in the works.

"There is a film script which we’ve all been sent, but it disappeared in a Mission: Impossible stylee from our emails. With a little puff," he said during an appearance on ITV's Lorraine

"It’s supposed to be happening, filming, this year but it hasn’t been locked down yet."

Well, can someone from IT please amend this?

Aside from missing scripts, Swift also pointed out another factor that may implicate things: schedules.

"It’s just getting everybody in that same space and time. I think there is a huge appetite for it," he revealed, adding, "There are still no firm plans about when a film might go into production. When the future plans are certain we will of course make an announcement at the relevant time."

We would really appreciate a confirmation, asap pls. 


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