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Former Bachelor Contestant Has UNLEASHED On Lesbian Relation

Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon have made headlines worldwide after becoming the first lesbian couple to come out of The Bachelor franchise.

But follow Bachelor alumni Keira Maguire has now slammed the pair’s romance, saying it is false.

Mamamia has reported that the former reality TV villain dismissed the pair's relationship during an Instagram Live video on Wednesday after one commenter asked 'So Tiffany and Megan are faking their relationship?’

'Yes they are faking their relationship,' responded Keira, before claiming that the pair's union was nothing more than a 'publicity stunt'.

The blonde went on to warn fans ‘not to be fooled’ by the duo’s constant displays of affection, before stating they ‘aren’t lesbians’.

Megan and Tiffany appeared on Nine News Perth this week to tackle rumours that they relationship was false, saying 'We live in a warped world and we get messages every day. We think the world is too judgemental,' Megan said.

The Bachelor returns to Channel Ten later this year.

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