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Prince George Just Played A Sheep In His School Play

Just three months ago the world said a resounding "awwww" as we watched Prince George pack his bag, put on his uniform and head off to his first day of school at Thomas's Battersea in London.

If you were wondering what subjects a Prince studies in kindy it's not just ABCs and basic maths. In fact Prince George studies things like art, ballet, French, music and drama.

And just when we thought that little George couldn't get any more adorable he just performed in his first ever school play landing the role of a sheep in the Christmas nativity performance.

While the Queen might not have made an appearance to see her great grandson's acting debut, Prince William was there with bells on and he couldn't have been more proud.

"I went to my boy's nativity play. It was funny", said the Duke of Cambridge while visiting BBC's Bridge House. "He was a sheep."

And what an adorable sheep we bet he was!

You never know, maybe George will end up like his soon to be Auntie Meghan Markle and head for a career on the screen after his moment in the spotlight.

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