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Fishing, Undies & Kids: Superstar Sheeran Is Super Relatable

Ed Sheeran is a walking contradiction.

On one hand, he’s one of the hottest musical acts on the planet who has sold more than a million tickets for the Australia and New Zealand leg of his ÷ World Tour.

On the other, he’s the personification of low-key.

Sheeran arrived in Perth to kick off his record-breaking tour at Optus Stadium, and he’s been busy…fishing.

"I didn't catch anything," he said on Thursday.

The thing is, while other media outlets are reporting on one or two sound bites from Sheeran, we found his brain fades truly relatable.

He also ate some great fish and chips, but he couldn’t remember where they were from. All he could say was that he went out on a boat and “we pulled into a fish and chip shop and it was really good.”

Journalists tried to jog his memory by suggesting several fish and chip joints, to which he conceded: “Probably that one, whichever one you said.”

We’ve all been there.

We also learned that Sheeran travels light. Like really light.

He admitted that before a tour he’d pack some socks, undies and plain T-shirts and move along. I noted he did not say anything about pants.

Again, relatable.

It was to be Sheeran’s only media appearance down under, so we just thought instead of bringing you just short snippets, we would bring you the entire press conference, brain fades and all.

Check the vid up top.

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