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Block's Elyse Knowles' Super Awkward Relationship Moment

She’s best known for her Instagram, but Elyse Knowles is now on The Block.

And on Tuesday night’s show, Elyse has admitted that she didn’t care how she looked during the show but her tradesman boyfriend Josh Barker, 28, urged her not to let herself go.

The 24-year-old said he made her shave her legs and underarms, as she hadn't in a while.

"The first week was freezing cold (in the contestant's ablution block) and now they're hot, and it's the first time I actually shaved my arms and my legs."

"So I feel amazing," Elyse said. 

"Josh said I had to do something about that."

She then brushed off the criticism and told him she doesn’t care what she looks like on the show.

"I said 'mate, we are camping. I don't care what I look like'... I haven't even got a bra on right now, that's why I'm doing this," she said as she crossed her arms and pulled her jacket over her chest.  

The Block airs on Channel 9.

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