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A House Rules Couple Reckon They've Been Set Up To Fail

House Rules mums Fiona and Nicole have warned the rival couples on the show that ‘revenge is best served cold’.

This week will see the Victorian couple drive a huge wedge between themselves as the others as the biggest war in House Rules history continues.

‘The cool group always band together against us,’ Fiona says on the show.

‘We’re not here to be a part of the cool group. We were never a part of the cool group at school, and we’re not going to start now that we’re in our 40s. It’s team Vic versus the world.’

The gloves are well and truly off, with secret strategies, even hiding other teams' materials.

They will be accused of sabotage, but Fiona says ‘We’ve been set up to fail and we’re going to prove them wrong. ‘What Fiona and Nicole want, Fiona and Nicole get.’

Nicole has even gone as far as saying that all the teams ‘’hated us from the start,’ she explains. ‘They’d pick stuff up for each other, and they’d keep us out of the loop.

‘They’d help each other out wherever they could and keep us out of everything wherever they could.’

House Rules airs Monday to Wednesday, 7.30pm, and Sunday, 7 pm, Channel Seven. 

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