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A New MAFS Villain Has Been Crowned

Every reality show needs a villain. Someone that Australia can collectively hate on at one time.

Last night, Married At First Sight were blessed (not) with a second villain of the season - in the name of Nasser.

Now, Nasser started this experiment as someone that was actually quite likeable, but now, we have been presented with a whole other side of him.

The mask has come off and at last night's dinner party, the real Nasser came out to play.

If you didn't watch it, here's the lowdown.

Taking a few of the guys aside, Nasser spoke about his disdain for Gab and her less than-chic apartment (his words, not ours).

Then talking about their lack of sex-life:

"She could stand there naked and nothing would happen." 

Charlene overhears this and being everyone's hero, runs down the other end of the table to tell Gab what she's just heard, but not before she tells us:

"She doesn’t deserve to be spoken about like that. And she deserves to know that."

Obviously, Gab bursts into tears and Charlene then probes Nasser more.

"I said I hate this house! This f***ing sh-thole!," he said. Charlene goes to speak, but then he cuts her off.

"Hang on! She went off, so I said f*** it! I’m gone. I’m not gonna fight for anyone, mate, I don’t even fight for my f***ing sister."

And Australia, was having NONE of it.

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