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An ‘IT’ Sequel Has Been Confirmed

If you love your horror movies, no doubt you’ll already have seen IT.

You’re not the only one, the opening weekend of IT made it the best-performing horror movie of all time.

The sequel is set to focus on the return of Pennywise the clown - and as he returns every 27 years, the kids in the movie will be grown up.

As a result, they’ve all chosen an actor to play their older character.

Wyatt Oleff wants Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play him.

Sophia Lillis wants Jessica Chastain to play her.

Finn Wolfhard wants Bill Hader to play him.

Jake Dylan wants Jake Gyllenhaal to play a grown-up him.

Chosen Jacobs wants Chadwick Boseman to play him.

There is word that the sequel may even be split into two parts.

The script is set to be ready by January next year.

And even more horrifyingly, the director says it’s going to be even more terrifying than part one.

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