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Australia Has Given Samuel Johnson And Connie Good News

Gold Logie winner Samuel Johnson and his sister Connie have almost doubled their target in the Big Heart Project, raising $1.6 million in Canberra on Wednesday.

Connie, who has been battling cancer for seven years, have now raised $4.5 million in the fight against cancer.

The project encouraged the public to help build a giant heart of 5 cent coins at the Lyneham Netball Courts in Canberra, with the aim of getting $1 million but in the end, they had raised $1.6 million.

Sam shared the news on The Project, saying We might double down! The night’s still early!’’ “If there is a chance ... we will double this down and make it a $2 million heart, which suits me. Cancer needs lots of millions!”

Connie said the support was “incredible”.

“I just love it! There is so much love here, so much passion. So much hope,” she said.

Connie had told the show previously that this was her ‘last hurrah’ as she had stopped receiving treatment for breast cancer in January.

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