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The HUGE Milestone For Bert & Patti Newton

Unlike many other celebrity couples, Bert and Patti Newton are living proof that love certainly isn't dead! Their love for each other remains strong, contrary to reports that their marriage is under strain

This week Bert and Patti celebrated 42 years of marriage, with the help of The Today Show.

The breakfast show took to social media to share a gorgeous flashback photo of Bert and Patti on their wedding day, with the caption ‘Patti Newton met Bert more than 50 years ago here at @channel9 and this week they celebrate their 42nd wedding anniversary! How special’

After nearly half a century of love, these two are the proud parents to son Matthew, daughter Lauren and grandparents to Lauren's four kids. 

Last year Patti told Woman's Day Magazine that the secret to their long lasting relationship was all about time apart. 

“I think we have a great relationship because we’re not always in each other’s pocket,” she said. 

Happy Wedding Anniversary Bert and Patti and here's to many more years of happiness. 

Source: Woman's Day

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