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Cards Against Humanity Tease A Disney Version

Cards Against Humanity is one of the most epic adult games to come out since, well, Monopoly. 

For those who are not so savvy with how the game works, it's a party game for "horrible people"... more like - FUN PEOPLE.

The black cards contain sentences that need to be filled by the phrases on the white cards. And it can get pretty dark. 

There is already a Christmas and an Aussie version, and now, a Disney version is being teased.

With fill-in-the-blanks like, "Me, Tarzan. You,____" and "Let it go. Let it go. ______ never bothered me anyway", you can already start imagining the dirty possibilities.

Not going to hold our collective breath that the Disney Corporation would be 100 per cent on board with this... but, sheezus,  the interest its tracked is a pretty good indication it's what the fans want. 



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