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Casey Donovan Has Made An Amazing Admission On IAC

She has been on a diet of just rice and beans whole in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here but it isn’t enough for Casey Donovon.

The star revealed on Thursday’s show that she wants to lose a stack of weight, with her coming in at 149KG before the show started.

The former Australian Idol winner, 28, has said that she wants to get below 100KG, with the now-evicted Kris Smith wanting to help her.

Casey vented to Kris Smith - before his eviction - and the hunky Myer model gave her some tips. 

'Make your breakfast your biggest meal and tone it down. The way I do it I have six small meals a day, eat every two to three hours,' Kris said. 

'It works for me. I find the best fat burner is exercise. I exercise as soon as I wake up, before I eat,' he added. 

kris then went to record a diary where she said 'This could be a good thing being in here, her diet is very strict. She can only eat what she gets in here.' 

Casey revealed that she was stoked to be getting help from Kris, saying 'I would like to continue on, you know, kind of eating clean and not going back to old habits. Although I am happy and confident in my own skin now, I would like to feel how it is to be happy and confident in a new skin and with a new look on life.' 

Kris told her that he's happy to keep her motivated when the dieting and exercise can be overwhelming. 

'I want to know, fellow Sydneysider, how I can help. Even if it's just meeting up and going for a walk, even if it's meeting up and just talking about your diet, even if it's just a phone call and you go, "Look, struggling, how can I get past this part," he said.

We can’t wait to see if they continue it outside of the camp!

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here continues on Sunday on Ten.

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