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Cher's OUT OF THIS WORLD Reaction To The US Election

During election time, it's pretty common to hear people say "I'll leave the country if [insert undesired politicians name here] becomes the leader of our fair nation". What Cher says she'll do if Donald Trump becomes the president of America takes things to whole new level. 

Forget about fleeing to Canada, Cher is keen to move to a whole new cosmos. 

Joining the huge list of celebs who support Hillary Clinton, Cher hosted a fundraiser for Clinton over the weekend and told the crowds that is Trump wins the election she's "gonna have to leave the planet". 

“Young people with fresh ideas and…energy is what we need,” she said. “We’re fading. Not fast, but we’re fading.”

Cher has frequently used social media to denounce Trump for his words towards women and minorities. 

With the US election drawing to a close, if Trump becomes president it will certainly be interesting to see what Cher does next!

Source: Pop Crush

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