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Deadpool 2 Teaser Trailer Looks Even Better Than The First

The first Deadpool movie took every superhero stereotype and either flipped it the bird, swore at it profusely or turned it into an incredibly inappropriate joke.

Unsurprisingly, the teaser trailer for the mega-hit's follow-up manages to do all three in less four minutes - with the addition of Ryan Reynold's bare ass.

It starts off, like most superhero movies do, with a slow-mo, 80's ballad soundtracked-entrance, when Deadpool spots an altercation happening down an alleyway.

The irreverent and unlikely comic book character then heads straight for the nearest phone box, where he attempts a Superman-esque costume change and fails miserably.

(Special shout-out to Reynold's bottom though. We're here for that, all day, every day.)

Anyway, we're not going to ruin the rest of it because it's bloody hilarious, but you can see the whole thing in the link above.

Or you can just keep watching this gif.


You're welcome.

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