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Bachie Fireman Cam Requires Surgery After Coward's Punch

A future Bachelor frontrunner, Fireman Cam, has turned to Instagram to share news that he was the victim of a coward's punch last week. 

The impact was so forceful that he now requires facial surgery. 

Cam was left with a fractured temple, eye socket and cheek, he revealed on Instagram early this week. 


He has surgery scheduled in for Friday. 

The Bachelor contestant from Georgia Love's season thanked all his family, friends and fans for their support. 

"Thanks for the love guys. You are all amazing and I'm getting back to as many of you as I can now!" he posted.


"Surgery is on Friday to make me robocop 😎. Sore but still smiling."

We hope surgery goes well and he is good as new asap. 

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