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Game Of Thrones Fans Could Barely See Last Night’s Episode

Yesterday a pretty major episode of the final season of hit show Game Of Thrones aired and fans couldn’t wait to tune in to watch it.

But unfortunately most were left feeling far less than satisfied with what they saw. Or more so, what they didn’t see.

Now before we continue, we should put GoT fans at ease if they haven’t yet seen the episode. There are no spoilers here because we aren’t about that life. In fact, if you haven’t seen the ep, this might help you out a lot!

So basically everyone knew that they were going to watch the battle of Winterfell take place during the latest episode.

And while fans knew it would be dark, what with all the gruesome fighting and deaths likely to occur, they didn’t expect it to be this dark… Literally we mean.

Yep. Game of Thrones fans are seriously pissed at the show makers because the colouring during the battle scenes, which was reportedly one of the longest battle scene in film history, were so dark that no one could see what was actually happening.

And when some of your fav characters lives are on the line during these scenes, you can imagine just how frustrating this would have been!

While some people tried turning up the brightness on their TV screens, many claimed that even that didn’t help the situation.

And basically everyone took to Twitter to vent.

So here’s a tip if you haven’t watched the intense episode yet. Make sure your TV is up to full brightness and your blinds are completely shut!

Otherwise you ain’t going to see a thing from the battle of Winterfell!

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