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Gigi Hadid Just Did A Melania Trump Impression

Gigi Hadid is hosting the American Music Awards today, and in terms of outfits, we expected a lot.

I’m so pleased to reveal she delivered. The one thing we didn’t expect from her, was comedy - and I have to say, we were right about that, too.

I’ve got no doubt hosting an awards show would be a supremely daunting task, but like many hosts before her, Gigi leaned on comedy of the current variety to get a laugh from the crowd; to put it blatantly, she made fun of the recent election.

She decided to do an impression of the soon-to-be First Lady, Melania Trump, and make fun of the fact that she copies current First Lady Michelle Obama.

While her model prowess meant she got Melania’s stare right, the rest remained well and truly off the mark.

It’s sad, I SO wanted her to be as funny as she is stunning.

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