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Heinz Is Actually Running With Don Draper's Idea IRL

So, there was this scene in the sixth season of Mad Men where ad man Don Draper pitches an idea to tomato sauce giant, Heinz.

In the scene, which is set in the 1960s, the fictional advertising company Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce executive comes up with the tagline “Pass the Heinz”, to which, unusually, they do end up passing on.

Fast-forward 50 years (it’s actually only been four years), and life is imitating art.

Yep, Heinz is running with the idea. Like IRL.

Heinz says it “selected the ‘Pass the Heinz’ campaign after an agency review because it is clever, modern and doesn’t require paragraphs of copy to convey what Heinz brings to the table.”

Heinz’s press release also includes an “About Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce” mention:

“A full-service advertising agency located in New York, working with clients in a variety of industries including automotive, health care, consumer products, food and other packaged goods. The firm does not accept any tobacco-related work.”

We’re happy to hear that both Don Draper and Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner are listed in the credits.


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