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Hollywood Boss Accidentally Sends Vile, Sexist Reply To All

One of the most vile emails a boss could send, was not only sent to one person, but to the whole office of a talent agency in Los Angeles.

Yep, a Hollywood boss from a talent agency has accidentally sent a horrifically sexist email to the ENTIRE team, instead of just the two intended recipients.

One accidental recipient then posted it to Facebook, where it has now gone viral.

Rosette Laursen, who has since quit the agency, was working as an assistant when she asked for a day off to take part in “A Day Without A Woman”, an initiative on International Women’s Day on March 8 to demonstrate the value women bring to the modern workplace.

The boss’ reply read, “Are you f***ing kidding me. At the end of pilot season. Someone should sew her vagina shut. I’m never hiring a girl ever again.


“No bonus for anyone that strikes or leaves early in pilot season. No one is striking in show business we are all against Trump. And women are considered diverse and being shoved in as writer and directors. Zach who is a Jewish male is being pushed out.

“Uppity Selfish C***. Heather went to work. I’m sure anyone at a casting office or agency would be fired.”


Once he’d realised his mistake, Rosetta received the following apology from her boss.

“I apologise for venting like a misogynistic fa***t. I was letting off steam I didn’t mean to hit reply all. I’m an a**hole. If you come back we can play Nazi death camp. You can beat me and put me in the oven. Or feed me cabbage and lock me in the shower. I am truly sorry.”

Rosetta replied saying she “wasn’t a big fan of any of this”, and responded with “I quit”.

“One of my male co-workers, obviously realising he would be experiencing ‘a day without a woman’ for the indefinite future and would have to do more work, encouraged me to come back into the office saying, ‘It was just a joke,’” she wrote.

“My co-workers had worked there for years and my only guess is that they slowly became desensitised to [the boss’] behaviour to the point where the line of what is normal or acceptable didn’t just blur, it disappeared.

“Which is sad, because I otherwise liked them. But, I understand the psychological effects a person of power can have on their crew. Look at Helter Skelter. I’m sure those girls who led random victims to Charles Manson to be murdered could also be really fun at a game night playing cards against humanity.”


Rosetta added that the “response ... shouldn’t have surprised me considering my past exchanges with him”, but described the email as the “final straw”. She added that her Christmas bonus that year was red lingerie that “made me look like a ham”, but pointed out that her boss “is gay so it could be weirder”.


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