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'I'm A Celebrity' Campmates Lose 41 Kilos In Just Four Weeks

They have only spent four weeks in the 'I'm A Celebrity camp', but it appears the jungle diet is working. 

Last night, the contestants stepped on the scales for a group weigh-in to see how the rice and beans diet has affected their bodies. 

It was revealed that Hollywood gossip guru Richard Reid had lost the most weight, followed closely by X Factor's Luke Jacobz and Love Island contestant Justin Lacko.

Reid dropped a whopping 12 kg, going from 96kg to 84kg, while Luke lost 11kg, taking him from 93kg to 82kg.

28-year-old Justin weighed in at 79kg after losing 10kg and former AFL player Shane Crawford shedding 8kg, weighing in at 83kg. 

Journalist Natasha Exelby went from 61kg to 56kg, losing 5kg in the process with Gogglebox's Angie Kent shrinking from 56kg to 53kg. 

Fellow Gogglebox star Yvie Jones opted not to take part in the weigh-in after speaking candidly about suffering from a debilitating eating disorder. 

"I’ve had an eating disorder most of my life," she tearfully told her campmates. 

"Unless you’ve had an overweight problem, you don’t know what it’s like to go through life and be judged solely on the weight that you are on a scale or the clothes that don’t fit you properly."

This isn't the first time Jones has opened up about size discrimination during her time in the jungle. Earlier in the season, she and Ajay Rochester spoke about the societal weight expectations that women face, and that she's become prone to making self-deprecating comments to make others feel more comfortable about her size. 

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