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Insiders Say Richie Is In Love With Girl He DIDN’T Pick




When the race for the Bachelor or Bachelorette’s heart is so fast, intense and so similar in a competition like this, is it any wonder that sometimes people can wind up a little confused?

Well, it just so happens that after the Blake Garvey 2014 fiasco, current Bachelor Richie Strahan may be about to follow he same fate.

Insiders say that Richie may be pulling a Blake Garvey after allegedly claiming to be in love with a girl he didn’t choose.

New Idea us reporting that Alex Nation was crowned the winner on their totally romantic trip to Bali and claims that since then, Richie’s had a change of heart.

"Distraught Richie has been unable to stop thinking about Nikki Gogan, believed to be the series’ runner-up," they said.

"He’s confessed to close friends that he made a huge mistake and now knows she was The One."

The publication also claimed to have photos of Alex, Nikki and Olena Khamula, flying out to Bali before the finale was filmed.

Who knows what will happen, but if it IS true, it’s all good - because Alex will be the NEXT Bachelorette!

Source: Famous Live

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