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Jarrod Woodgate Plays Down Bachelor In Paradise Rumours

Bachelorette runner-up, Jarrod Woodgate, has done everything in his power to play down the rumour that he is joining Bachelor In Paradise.

However, eagle-eyed Instagram users have just discovered a hole in his story.

On Monday, Woodgate posted a photo of himself dressed in traditional German lederhosen to celebrate Oktoberfest.

The caption he wrote, “Ahhh Oktoberfest, you (almost) ruined me,” made it seem like the photo was taken recently.

He even used the hashtags #boystrip and #eurotrip in an attempt to distract from the fact he flew to Fiji last week.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting…

Instagrammers spotted that Jarrod had tagged his friend in the photo and, upon closer inspection, discovered that his friend Chris Kenny had posted the exact same photo last month but with an entirely different caption!

“Missing Oktoberfest. This time last year was such an amazing day! 2016,” read the caption.

Missing Oktoberfest. This time last year was such an amazing day! 2016 @jarrodwoodgate

A post shared by Chris Kenny (@chriskenny7) on

Yep! The photo is an entire year old!

The fumbled cover up just makes us think that he’s definitely scheduled to appear on Channel Ten’s new reality show. 

You almost tricked us, Jarrod… almost…

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