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Jessica Rowe Labels Golden Globes Protest As “Dumb”

Jessica Rowe is best known for expressing her opinions on Network Ten’s Studio 10 as one of the regular panelists. However, a comment she made on Monday during a segment has caused a lot of mixed reactions from people. 

The 47-year-old spoke out about Golden Globe attendees wearing all-black to protest sexual harassment and labelled the protest as “dumb”. She suggested that instead of the protest, Hollywood’s biggest stars should’ve boycotted the event instead for greater impact. 

“It is wonderful women are finding their voice, that we are speaking up, but to me, it is dumb to wear black on the red carpet,” she said on the breakfast show, “They’re still going to be wearing designer black, they’re going to still be looking gorgeous and wonderful”

“To me, it is tokenistic and it’s not a good way of sending the right message,” Rowe continued. 

People took to Twitter with mixed reactions to her opinion…

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