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Justin Timberlake Could Face JAIL For Latest Instagram Post

Justin Timberlake may have broken the law when he snapped himself voting in the American election. 

The popstar posted a photo from a voting booth in Memphis on Monday, encouraging his followers to get out and vote.

But there is a huge problem with the photo…

Snaps inside polling locations are not permitted in Tennessee.

In May 2015, a law was passed that meant, from the start of 2016, voters would be permitted to have their mobile phones with them when voting but only for “informational purposes to assist the voter in making election decisions.”

However, the law does not allow voters “from using the device for telephone conversations, recording, or taking photographs or videos while inside the polling place.”

Local police have told Fox News that Timberlake's photo was now under review.

He could face 30 days in jail, a $US50 fine or both.

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