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Karl And Peter Stefanovic Apologise Over Uber Rant

Both Karl and Peter Stefanovic have been forced to publicly apologise to Today host Georgie Gardner after a fiery conversation the pair had while in an Uber is set to be published.

One source has told the daily Telegraph that part of the conversation included Karl saying that “(Georgie) is wishy-washy, and doesn’t have a real opinion on anything,”

“He described her as a fence-sitter, that she needs to step up and she is playing it safe.”

Apparently a private phone conversation was recorded by an Uber driver while Peter Stefanovic was chatting to Karl on speakerphone.

It's believed that as well as Gardner, the brothers discussed several Channel Nine executives and entertainment reporter Richard Wilkins.

New Idea is set to publish details of the phone conversation after reportedly paying the unnamed Uber driver $50,000 for the story.

Karl has decided to go on the front foot and apologised prior to the details being published, telling the Sunday Telegraph, “We talk a hundred times a day and hardly ever about work,”

“But we did, and the conversation was recorded. And we are sorry. I was angry with myself at first that I could be so stupid.”

Peter Stefanovic, who hosts Today Weekend and is married to Today news reader Sylvia Jeffreys, also said, “I did a silly thing and feel awful for any embarrassment I’ve brought to my (Channel 9) colleagues, who I deeply ­respect,”

An Uber spokesman told the Telegraph, “Following receipt of the report, we immediately removed the driver’s access to the app so that we can properly investigate the complaint,”  

“The nature of this complaint is unacceptable to Uber and, if valid, would be a clear violation of our Community Guidelines.”

A spokesman for Nine said: “Clearly it was school behaviour between brothers but that’s no excuse.” 

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