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Karl Could Be Joined By TWO Co-Hosts To Replace Lisa

Georgie Gardner is set to be announced as Lisa Wilkinson’s replacement on the TODAY show.

However, it may not be just the two of them exclusively.

Word on the street is that Georgie will co-host with Karl four days a week, and Deborah Knight will co-host on the remaining weekday.

The news comes after reports Karl and Georgie aren’t very close, and were forced to ‘clear the air’ at lunch just a few days ago, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald.

Multiple sources also revealed to the publication that Nine chief executive Hugh Marks has spent weeks attempting to persuade Georgie to take the role despite being reluctant to return to breakfast television.

"They were keen to make it work for Georgie because she really is the best person for that role," one staffer said.

"She's f***ing tough, let me tell you, she doesn't take s**t from anyone. More importantly, she's been a journo for years.

"She has a strong news background and she's more than capable of doing political interviews as well as the banter."

As the lack of an announced co-host means Sunrise is stealing all the limelight, TODAY are keen to ‘promote the hell’ out of their chosen replacement as soon as possible.

Sit tight for the announcement.

Source: Daily Mail

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