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Davina Tries To Convince Us That It Was ALL Dean's Fault

There is soooo much drama on MAFS right now and we are totally HERE FOR IT. 

On last night's episode, Davina hatched a plan. Convince the world that the sex text-ting scandal was ALL Dean's fault.

But first, Ryan and Dean.

"Hey Ryan, how are ya bro?" Dean asked when they first arrived at the dinner party.

"F*ck off," Ryan replied. Uh oh...

This did not go down well with Deano, who at the dinner table decides to turn on Ryan.

"We had a private conversation and Ryan told me that Davina liked me and he has no problem with her pursuing me. And he actually encouraged me to hook up with her.” (Ugh. Rolly eyes.)

And the couples ain't happy. The boat has been rocked. Alarm bells scream but nobody listens.

"You’re a f*cking bullshit artist! You are a f*cking c**khead!" Telv joins in. "You’re f*cking pissing me off!"

Davina, meanwhile feels extremely happy with herself because her plan to blame Dean is in full swing...

Uh oh, Tracey then begins to tell the girls how it was DAVINA who instigated the affair....

“She was sending filthy, sexual text messages to Dean. But he was doing it back," she said. "It was hard reading those f***ing texts. And it was both ways, let me tell ya."

THEN Dean decides to make a toast...

"I just wanna say Tracey, I’m so sorry for what I did," he says. "I’m very, very sorry. In front of everyone, I’m trying to make it up to you. I hope everyone can respect that."

“F*ck off!” Ryan yells at him while the table heckles and Dean over-explains AGAIN that it's Davina's fault.

"It wasn’t like, ‘Hey I wanna suck your d*ck,” she says in retaliation because she's a real lady.

Davina and Tracey go and have a d'n'm in a corner and Davina (tries) to play the victim.

"He talked about my DOG!" she says through sobs. "I’m gobsmacked. I'm just proud I stayed strong" and then randomly adds: "I’m never gonna change me." Like that has anything to do with it NOT being her fault...

Back at the dinner table Ashley says: "I don’t understand. Out of all the guys, why Dean? He’s not even hot."

...And then we all sigh with relief because finally someone says what we've all been thinking.

(Image: Courtesy of Channel 9)

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