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Masterchef Contestant Anna Left In Tears After Pressure Cooker Challenge

The thought of being put into the Pressure Cooker Challenge reduced Ashleigh Bareham to tears, and looked like a sign of things to come on last nights episode. 

The pressure of the challenge got to all three of the contestants, vying to continue in the competition. 

Ashleigh was up against Anna Webster and Billie McKay, each racing to pull off a perfectly cooked veal dish, a challenge set by acclaimed chef Marcus Wareing.


The dish must have its protein cooked in three different ways, a loin, ribs that must be braised and the kidney and the fat of the kidney. 

Ashleigh felt the intense pressure of the kitchen first, becoming flustered and fighting tears as she got her head around the complexity of the dish.

"I feel like I'm drowning in all the elements... I've completely let myself down," she said around an hour into the cook-off.

Luckily she got her head in the game and completed her meal - only having trouble with cooking the kidneys. 

She wasn't the only one having trouble, Anna also struggled to properly cook her kidneys, pan-frying them in a rush to get her meal plated. 

Billie sailed through a virtually problem-free cook despite tears, with Marcus calling her veal, "absolutely delicious".

But the judges were less impressed by Ashleigh's clumsy presentation, even though the veal was "beautifully cooked", according to Marcus. 

George Colambaris struggled to stomach the Ashleigh's undercooked Veal kidney. 


When it came down to elimination, Billie was safe with professional-quality food, but Matt Preston told the remaining two: 

"You both cooked your loin well, both undercooked your kidney, but one of you overcooked your rib and failed to braise it, and that's why you're going home... Anna."

Photos: Masterchef Australia

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