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Meet The Woman Who Married A 300-year Old Ghost Pirate

There's that old saying - there's someone out there for everyone. And for one woman from the UK, her someone is a 300 year old Ghost Pirate.

Last month, Amanda Teague revealed that she was fed up with men and has gone and married a ghost instead.

The 45-year-old, who recently appeared on the UK show, Loose Women, says that her husband "Jack" is her soulmate and they even spent Valentine's day together.

"We do go on dates and I also have a friend who is in a relationship with Jack's best friend, so we often go on double dates," she said to a very shocked panel of co-hosts.

"And yes, we do leave a seat for them to sit on. We'll buy them a drink - Jack likes rum and Matthew likes beer - and we set them down for them as a form of respect."

Jack, a Haitian pirate, died in the 1700s and when he married his love, it was on a boat...of course!

The couple are like any other, who have arguments, go on dates and even have sex...

...In case you are wondering, Amanda has never seen her husband in physical form however, she believes he looks like Captain Jack Sparrow.

Amanda had been married previously and has five children with her ex, but she believes her new relationship is stronger than ever.

Source: Mirror

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