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Megan From The Bachelor Is OFFICIALLY Off The Market

undefinedSince Megan Marx stunned Bachelor fans by walking out on Richie at the rose ceremony, the nation's been left asking why?

She appeared to tick all of Richie's boxes - blonde, hot and from Western Australia and it seemed she was quite smitten by the rope technician. 

But today we've finally had our Oprah ahhh huh moment, when Megan confirmed rumours she's now dating fellow contestant, Tiffany Scanlon. 

The pair set tongues wagging after posting an array of nude photos together on Instagram, including a re-enactment of the Lady And The Tramp spaghetti scene. 

Source: Instagram. 

Next came the declarations of love and then Tiff made the move to Geraldton in Western Australia to live with Megan. The penny probably should have dropped then, but to be honest we were still trying to work out who Tiffany was on the show. There were too many blondes to remember!  

In an interview with OK! Magazine, Megan has opened up about the girl's relationship. According to the Magazine she doesn't deny the pair are an item and said both are 'open to dating a person of the same sex.' 

Source: Instagram. 

Source: Instagram. 

"I think that when it comes to attraction, for me, it’s usually a connection of minds and humour before anything else," Megan said.

"I’m traditionally attracted to men but I don’t rule anything out… I would say that Tiff’s in the same boat," she continued. 

The pair have since posted more happy snaps to Instagram. One photo shows Tiffany grabbing onto Megan's boob. Well, it that wasn't confirmation, we don't know what is. 

Source: Instagram. 

Were just glad there's more than one love story coming out of this season of the Bachelor. Good luck girls! 

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