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Megan Gale’s New Baby Girl Is Officially A Cutie

Megan Gale gave birth to a baby girl last week... and TBH, if she hadn't posted on Insta about five weeks ago, we would've totally forgotten she was even expecting.

Now, the little bub is officially a week old - and yet to be named.

Gale posted a photo of her and her daughter today, snuggled up, seemingly just after giving birth.

The model looked fresh-faced and luminous, as usual, as she clutched to her "precious girl".

"Hard to believe a week has passed since we welcomed our precious girl into the world and our lives. This photo was taken exactly a week ago while I was enjoying my first cuddle with her," the post read.

"She is yet to be officially named but we're getting close. 💖 @shampson_"

The couple’s son, River, turned 3 in May.  

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