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Newest ‘Dundee’ Ad Stars Almost Every Aussie Star

Everyone loves a good viral marketing campaign and Tourism Australia are really raising the standards with their latest official cast intro trailer for a film that everyone wishes were real.

The new trailer introduces Margot Robbie, Liam Hemsworth, Ruby Rose, Isla Fisher, and Russell Crowe as key characters in the non-existent Crocodile Dundee film. 

Jessica Mauboy and Luke Bracey are also confirmed as cast members and join Danny McBride, Hugh Jackman and Chris Hemsworth in the faux film. 

The trailer is, in fact, a teaser for the full film-themed advertisement by Tourism Australia that will air during next month’s Super Bowl.

So, while the film is confirmed fake, the hype around it certainly real. Many people have taken to the internet to demand Dundee: The Son Of A Legend Returns Home  to be made into a legitimate feature-length film. 

Meanwhile, Tourism Australia have seen a 1256 percent spike in digital content engagement within the space of a week, as confirmed by AdNews. 

While there is no film to look forward to, the full-length advertisement shall have to do when it drops! 

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