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Pink's Aussie Tour Hell

Superstar P!nk must be wondering if she walked under a ladder while holding a black cat with the amount of bad luck she's had on her Aussie tour so far! 

First of course she was forced to postpone three of her Sydney shows (and reschedule a Brisbane gig) when she was admitted to hospital with a gastric virus.

Gold Coast we love you 😍

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And now BOTH of her kids are struggling with illness after her husband Cary Hart revealed on his Instagram page that the couples youngest Jameson has hand, foot, and mouth, while daughter Willow has been laid low with a temperature.

And this is off the back of Pink recently revealing that young Jameson has been waking at odd hours of the night while she and the rest of the family are trying to sleep!

3 am. Again. 🙁

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Let's hope that the remainder of Pink's tour remains drama (and illness!) free!


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