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Reports Are Tara Pavlovic Could Be Our Next Bachelorette

Ever since Matty J had his heart broken on Georgia Love's season of the Bachelorette Australia has been in love with the guy. I mean what's not to love, he's charming, kind, great with kids and easy on the eyes.

But last night he really, REALLY messed up, and seriously I don't think I'm going to be able to get over this...

And that is because on the latest episode of the Bachelor Matty sent home this season's fan-favourite and all round legend Tara, breaking not only her's but every Bachie watcher in Australia's hearts.

Fans weren't going to let Matty get away with this decision so easily, with hundreds of disapproving comments appearing on the Bachelor's instagram page just moments after the ceremony. Some even took the Kim K approach and simply posted a snake emoji under his posts.

Why all the drama? Because Tara's bubbly personality, hilarious antics and one liners were probably the best damn things to happen to this season and we seriously thought Matty thought so too.

(And was it just me or could you just tell that Matty was in love every time he looked into her eyes?! He fooled us...)

BUT there may actually be a silver lining to this tragic break-up, with fans now pushing for her to become the next bachelorette, after Sophie Monk's season!

Take note Bachie producers. We support Tara as the Bachelorette one hundred and ten percent!!!

The Bachelor continues with it's season finale tonight on Channel 10 at 7:30pm with Elise Stacey and Laura Byrne still in the running to win the final rose.

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