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SYS's Michael THROWS Felicity’s Engagement Ring In The Ocean

If you thought this year's series of Seven Year Switch couldn't get anymore explosive, it just did. 

After discovering his fiancee had called off their engagement following revelations he had shared a bed with his experimental partner, boxer Michael decided the only place left for his ex Felicity's ring was the ocean. 

In a heated display, Michael first threw the ring across the room after being given the news by his experimental partner, Kaityn.

In a fit of anger, he then picked up the ring and threatened to smash it with a rock, before deciding on throwing it into the ocean.   

Tensions were high after photos of each of the experimental couple looking close, were sent to their real partners. Sneaky, sneaky producers!

After successfully waving the red cloth in front of the bulls, Seven were able to get some dynamite vision... but we wonder at what cost? Let's hope these couples can work it out. 

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