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Shane Warne Slams 'No Idea' For Making Up Bachelor Rumours

The nation fell in love all over again with Sophie Monk on the recent series of the Bachelorette. 

Then New Idea spun the story that Shane Warne was about to take the crown as the next Bachelor. 

Don't worry Apollo / James lovers, it's definitely not true (phew)!

Playboy and former cricketer Warney has slammed the publication for saying he was about to sign a contract worth more than $1 million. 

"Whatever he does always ends up in the media, so he figures why not give it a shot," the insider allegedly told the magazine.

"He is the first to admit he doesn't always make the best choices with women, so why not get a bit of help along the way?"

"He's already said he doesn't care how old the girls are or if they want fame."

In retaliation, Warney took to Twitter to dispel any rumours. 

Warne has a long string of conquests in the past after his marriage with Simone Callahan ended in 2005. 

Now that we know it was all a load of BS, we kinda wish we did have a Bachie version with Warne at the helm.

Could you imagine the competitions in the group dates? Skulling beers and the innuendo of going in to bat.... 

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