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Sophie Monk Set To Be The HOST Of Love Island

Sophie Monk has been in the headlines a lot recently, first of all for finding love with her chosen one, Stu - and now for a job opportunity we think is a pretty perfect fit.

Reportedly Soph is set to host the very popular new show, Love Island.

The controversial dating show is set to star the Bachelorette IF she can wriggle out of her contract with Channel Ten.

Confidential understands Soph is at the top of the list of potential hosts for the show, which is extremely popular in the UK.

Insiders told Confidential Soph is keen to take on the job, but her contract with Channel Ten could stand in the way.

“Sophie is definitely keen to explore Love Island as an option,” a source told Confidential.

“There are a few hiccups with her contract though so she hasn’t actually signed yet. It fits though with her personality and she’s looking for ways of maintaining her profile off the back of Bach.”

Don’t know what the show’s about? Here’s a rundown…

Like Temptation Island before it, the show features a bunch of hotties — male and female — sent to an island and forced to couple up. Any islander who remains single is booted out and couples swap partners as the season progresses.

The last couple standing at the end wins with the format compared to The Bachelor meets Geordie Shore meets Big Brother.


Source: Daily Telegraph

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