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Adam Sandler Sparks Concern After Worrying TV Appearance

Adam Sandler has sparked concerns after a strange appearance on a British television show that left viewers worried for his wellbeing.

The comedic actor was hitting up Graham Norton's infamous red couch to promote his latest movie with co-star Helen Mirren but looked dishevelled and distracted in an ill-fitting suit.

Things got even more awkward when it was Sandler's turn to talk; he continuously stumbled over his words and was seen turning to Mirren for clarification on his own character's role in The Meyerowitz Stories a number of times.

His delayed reactions and incoherent ramblings prompted viewers to express worry, with opinions varying from Sandler perhaps suffering from nerves to him being under the influence of something.

Then there's the cringey clip of Sandler repeatedly putting his hand on The Crown actor Claire Foy's knee; the British actor can be seen awkwardly trying to free herself from Sandler's grip, though he seems unaware of what he's actually doing.

There is, of course, a very strong chance that the 51-year-old was jetlagged but after Jim Carrey's recent red carpet breakdown, we're hoping that everything's OK in the Sandler camp.

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