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Why Matty J’s Bachelor Season Is Running Behind Schedule

Ever since Georgia Love famously broke his heart on screen in front of an audience of millions, there’s been a steady queue of people waiting to help him forget his heartache.

THEN, we had the surprising delight of Matty J becoming our new Bachelor - ‘hallelujah’ the women of Australia collectively cheered.

However, as filming is underway for Matty J’s season in the bachelor house, it seems there has been a hold up that’s meaning the show runs behind schedule.

Rumours are ‘intruders’ have just been introduced, making the show slow as compared to previous years.

As Matthew 'Matty J' Johnson's series began filming in late February - on a similar date as Sam Wood's season back in 2015 - it has been observed that the 'timing is way off'.

He was granted short leave from filming in April, at which time he had a ‘minder’ with him.

This followed an unconfirmed report by NW magazine, which claimed he was ‘very unhappy’ with the female contestants.

In March, the publication reported he had demanded the 'producers bring in the intruders - and fast' because he wasn't impressed by the line-up of women.

It was also alleged Matty had still not recovered from his heartbreak on The Bachelorette, which saw him rejected by Georgia Love in the series finale.

However, The Bachelor host Osher Günsberg refuted the story, telling NW the rumours were 'utter bulls**t' and claiming their source was 'absolutely full of it'.

Source: Daily Mail

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