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Stan Reacts To Customer Complaint In Most EPIC Way Possible

Typically customers absolutely DETEST any time that they are forced to contact customer support for an issue with a product. Mostly because you’ll either be talking to a computer instead of a real person, or when it is a person they’re not really interested in helping you.

But apparently this is most certainly NOT the case with streaming service Stan! And this became very obvious when one customer received help with a technical issue in the most EPIC way possible!

One Stan customer, Sindy Sinn, contacted technical support after he sat down at home to relax and binge watch some of his favourite shows when suddenly he realised that the program wasn’t working!

While he may of expected them to instruct him on how to fix his device, what he didn’t expect was for the CEO of the company, Mike Sneesby, to contact him personally and offer to help fix his issue himself!

The only catch? Mike asked Sindy to provide him with beer and Nachos in exchange for his handy work.

Of course the Sindy agreed, because hello who wouldn’t want to host a beer and nachos party with the CEO of Stan, but he was surprised once again when not only the CEO showed up at his front door, but so did Stan ambassador Beau Ryan!!

Beau, being the jokester that he is, showed up dressed as one of the characters from Breaking Bad, which is the customers favourite show, and after some delicious beer and nachos was consumed, they found that the problem was with the customers router!

Stan offered to replace the router and they managed to get Sindy’s streaming service back up and running in no time!

Despite the fact that this all began from Sindy’s router breaking, we reckon that this night turned out to be much more epic than he could’ve ever imagined!

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