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House Rules Moment That Is Set To Leave Australia Shocked

Tonight’s episode of House Rules is going to be the most intense yet.

Western Australian contestant Jono will tonight be seen throwing a pane of glass into a rubbish tip before he recoils in pain from being cut by a glass shard.

'Doctor Doctor! Call the ambulance!' a female voice can be heard, immediately after the accident. 

He ends up gripping, Jono is seen staggering toward the medic’s tent.

The medic's voice is then heard saying: 'You're going white, OK? You're going white. So we have right wrist arterial laceration, no pulse in right wrist. Life threatening.'

House Rules has become Australia’s most popular show over the last few weeks, racking up 1.2 million viewers a night.

It’s back on Channel 7 on 7.30pm.

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