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The Internet Has Gone Crazy For This 'Hot Cop' From WA

He's been nicknamed Officer Hottie.

The internet has lost its mind over this photo of a cop from Western Australia.

The Western Australian Police Force posted an image to their Facebook page with the aim to raise awareness on random breath tests and safe driving.

Little did they know the flurry they would cause. Or the flurry that Senior Constable Paul Ellison would cause...

The caption read, "We hope you had a fantastic long weekend WA 😁"

"Just remember, you still need to drive home! We're out and about across the state."

And then the comments begun.

The post has been shared over 1,200 times and last time we checked, it had over 5,100 comments!

Senior Constable Ellison spoke with Perth Now, and said although he was flattered, he is mostly just happy the post is bringing attention to road safety.

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