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The MAFS Secrets Channel Nine Didn’t Want You to Know!

Perth-based Married at First Sight contestant Sharon Marsh has spilt the beans on the secrets from the set of the successful Channel Nine show. 

She told OK! Magazine about the fights over wedding dresses, unwilling contestants 'pushed to kiss' within hours of meeting and 'out of control' off camera drama at the reunion shoot. 

She went on to reveal that the application process was 'full-on' with months of 'questionnaires, paperwork, psych tests, phone calls and interviews'.

According to Daily Mail Australia, the reality show’s psychologists, known as ‘experts’, can take up to 14 weeks matchmaking the couples.  

And within hours of meeting their new bride or groom, the participants are expected to passionately smooch for the cameras.

“You are kind of pushed to [kiss] because of the photos,' relayed Lauren Bran, aka the 'runaway bride' who left the series immediately after her nuptials with Andrew Jones. 

“The wedding dress that I actually wanted was taken away from me because one of the other brides [wanted it]”, she described.

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