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Inappropriate Moment You May Have Missed From The Block

On The Block, Sunday nights are the reveal nights... and this week we saw the Blockheads complete their renovations with the unveiling of their front yards.

The episode ran like any other, with all of the contestants meeting to listen to feedback from the judges and agonisingly wait for Scotty Cam to reveal the scores.

But while everyone was pretty wired waiting for the scores, you may have missed what Scotty actually said. 

After writing up the scores on the chalkboard, the host of the show looked up at the couples and said, "Some high scores and some low scores. And that Shaynna's a bitch, isn't she?"

Yep, Scotty Cam called Shaynna Blaze - one of the country's most prestigious interior designers and judges of The Block - a bitch for her scores. 

After some serious backlash, Scotty Cam appeared on various radio stations to apologise for the insult.

"Look, obviously I said that in complete jest, and I said it to get a rise out of the contestants," he said.

"It was poor judgement on my part and I've rung Shaynna and apologised. We're fantastic friends and we've worked together for a lot of years. She's incredible - she's a great designer, she's a great person, she's a great judge. She's certainly not 'that'.

"I did it in total jest, and it was just poor judgement. I've apologised - it was disrespectful, there was no doubt about that. Sometimes I'm an idiot."

During his apologetic phonecall to her, Cam said that Shaynna hadn't taken offense to the comment.

The Block's 13th season will wrap this Sunday on Channel Nine after the much-anticipated auctions. 

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