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The Weird Thing About Tonight's Episode Of MAFS

So there were plenty of awww moments in tonight's episode of Married At First Sight but there was one part of the hit reality show that left us scratching our head. 

It was d-day for two couples tonight, as they made the ultimate decision to stay married or part ways. Unlike past series, where the contestants would break the news in front of the 'experts', the couples met at various beautiful locations. Vanessa and Andrew mad their big decisions in a breathtaking beach location. 

While the couple have taken a back seat in the reality show, due to other scandalous relationships taking centre stage, we were still eager to see if the introvert and extrovert would continue their relationship. 

Courtesy: Nine Network

As Andy began to pour out his heart we couldn't help but notice he was decked out in a suit with NO shoes! His brown lace ups were propped to the side. Ummm Vanessa... who's boring now? We've heard of brides ditching the heels on the sand, but this is taking things to a whole new level. 

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