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There's A Heaps Creepy Thing About Toy Story's Andy

This isn't the first Toy Story theory that has made us re-evaluate our love for the Disney-Pixar classic but man if we're not a little shocked we didn't see it before.

Because this isn't even an Easter egg; it's been sitting under our noses this entire time.

Remember Andy? Of course you do; he's Buzz Lightyear and Woody's beloved owner, and one of the only non-toy faces to get a decent amount of screen time across all three movies.

So what if we told you that Andy looks exactly like his bad-boy neighbour Sid, the demonic kid that tortured all of his playthings and created that messed-up legs-with-a-hook thing that gave us nightmares for years weeks?

Surely not, we hear you say. We'd have noticed!

Exhibit A: Andy


Exhibit B: Sid



They're the same person, although Sid DOES have braces and a slightly crazed look in his eyes to mark him out as different.

In fact, it appears as though every single kid in the first Toy Story movie has the same face; check out this other, less obvious screengrab of the children playing at Andy's birthday party.


See the kid in the yellow cap? Andy 2.0.

It probably has something to do with the fact that entirely CGI films weren't that common 20-odd years ago, so we'll forgive the creep factor.

THIS time. 

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