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There's A HUGE Change Coming To Next Year's My Kitchen Rules

It’s Australia’s biggest show, and it is coming back for yet another season!

My Kitchen Rules is back in 2017 and in a new promotion released by Channel 7, we have been introduced to our new couples which include:

The Seafood King
The Power Mums
The Mighty Mums
The Tassie Sweethearts
Fiery Foodies

The only names we've actually got are David and Betty.

However, the biggest thing we are getting from the new promo? The theme isn't by Justice Crew anymore.

Instead, Channel 7 have launched a new version by Brisbane-based Sheppard, which is slower and way more relaxed than the previous one.

My Kitchen Rules is expected to start ‘After The Tennis’ on Channel 7... better known as February.

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