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Bad News For House Rules' Andrew After THAT Accident

House Rules contestants Andrew and Jono and have spoken out about Andrew’s near-death experience whole filming the reality TV show.

Andrew suffered a huge cut to his wrist form a large glass plane that could have been the end of him, if it had sliced an artery.

“I started yelling, ‘Medic! Medic! Medic!’,” Andrew, 27, told The Daily Telegraph.

“I actually thought I could lose my brother,” his twin brother Jono said.

“I was pretty panicked cos I thought a cut on the wrist is pretty serious. If it’s in the right place it could be the end if an ambulance doesn’t get there quick enough,” Jono said.

Despite the incident, Andrew said that he ‘didn’t feel any pain’’ but "Blood was gushing out. It looked like I could see fat. It opened up pretty wide and I thought, ‘I better start calling for an ambulance.’”

He was taken to hospital and his girlfriend was rushed from Perth to the Gold Coast to be by his side.

Andrew has since been told that it may take two years for feeling to return to his hand.

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