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This Has Got To Be The Most Awkward ‘First Dates’ Encounter

First Dates is one of those shows that gets people talking… it’s hilarious, but too hilarious to find real love… right?

Well… yes. Especially when you’re dealing with love rats.

That was the case on a recent episode, where a guy about to walk into his first date takes a call, and tells the person on the other end of the line that he ‘didn’t want to be there’, will ‘be at this presentation for a while’ and will ‘see them later’, he also used the term ‘baby’ and threw in a ‘muah’ for good measure.

Obviously, he was unaware his mic was on.

Later, after the date, the producers asked him who he was on the phone to, and he froze.

Instead of attempting to come up with a cover, he became defensive and refused to answer the question, threatening to walk off.

THEN, even more awkwardly, he attempted to ask for his First Dates date’s number.


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