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This House Rules Moment Has Left Everyone Shocked

It’s getting very heated on House Rules already as the couples battle to take home $200,000.

There was a huge argument on Wednesday day night over a wall... yep, a wall.

Bec and Troy and their rivals Fiona and Nicole were wrapped up over the removal of a wall, after Kate and Harry clearly asked for open plan living.

Fiona and Nicole are refusing to remove the wall and the way in which they were talking to Troy led to Fiona saying ‘He’s not an idiot, don’t speak to him like that’.

However, it didn’t stop there as Nicole said ‘But he is,' and continued to say that Troy doesn't get that they need a lot of space for their laundry. 

Troy had enough, saying: 'I've got nothing else to say after that,' before Troy and Bec walked off. 

House Rules continues tonight at 7.30pm on Seven.

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